now for the fun part: the dreaded terms




Hosting will be on-site at our mining farm in Southern California. To ensure security and safety, address to the secured location will only be provided to paying customers on-demand.

Hosted rigs can be requested to be shipped to the owner at anytime. Upon request, hosting will cease immediately and prorated weekly rates will be applied to the customer account only up until the day of termination. 

Hosted rigs will be shipped within 24-48 hours of request, with full tracking information provided. 


The buyback period will begin from the day the order is placed and will remain valid for 12-months for all hosted rigs and 6-months for all shipped rigs.

The buyback price will be determined at the time of request and a quote will be submitted back to the customer within 24-48 hours of the request. The buyback price will be capped at 7/10th the purchase price and will be floored at 2/10th the purchase price, given that all equipment is not tampered with and is in original condition.

Hosted rigs will have a higher buyback price.

remote access

Remote access will be provided to all hosted customers so that they are able to use, administer and otherwise watch the ongoings of their rigs. 

Administrator privileges will not be automatically granted due to the rigs being a part of a larger mining operation. If a customer requires administrative privileges, we ask that you contact us at


All rigs hosted by Crypzilla can be upgraded at any time. Please submit an upgrade request to and we will get in touch with you about the upgrade terms.