want to make money but not worry about the details? host.



When you buy a rig, you can have it shipped directly to you or you can choose to host it at our mining farm in Southern California for a small fee per week. This includes building, setting up, mining and troubleshooting your rig. You just collect your coins with our weekly payouts directly to your wallet!

Remember, the machine is all yours. Whenever you decide that you want your rig, just let us know and we will ship it to you within 48 hours wherever you are.

Hosting Includes

  • Power/Energy Cost
  • Storage Cost
  • Cooling
  • Machine Hardware Maintenance
  • Machine Software Maintenance (updates/patches)
  • 24/7 Power and Internet
  • 24/7 Security and Surveillance
  • Remote Access to Rig
  • Weekly Payouts for Mined (grand)Master Tokens to Designated Wallets
  • DDOS and Virus/Malware Protection
  • Rig Administration GUI (Coming Summer 2018)

continuous (1).png

Continuous Upkeep

We make sure your machine is up and running at all times. If for some reason it isn't running, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are always making money.


Token Switch and Upgrades

Need us to upgrade your machine? Want to mine another coin? Let us know and our team will install, setup and service your machine to make sure that it is always performing exactly as you need it to.


Remote Access

All hosted users have remote access to their machine using TeamViewer. They are able to log in at any time, see the mining process, or simply use their machine however they want.