find mining risky? we will buy your rig back from you



Liquidity is essential. We get it.

Why risk the volatility of the market? We offer guaranteed buy back of your rigs if you need to sell. We are the first and only mining production and management company to offer fast liquidity on your rig, lowering risk and allowing customers to move in and out of the mining market with ease.


Instant Liquidity

We give you a quote and you accept it. As soon as you ship the rig back (or we walk into our farm and take it offline if its hosted) we instantly send you the funds to your preferred payment mechanism.


6-12 Months

Buyback periods will range from 6 months for shipped rigs and 12 months for hosted rigs. That means at any time during that time period, you have some amount of instant liquidity.


Guaranteed Price Floor

If you return your rig on the last day possible of your return date with all the original equipment, we promise to at the very least give you 20% of the buying price. Even if it's 364 days later.