Googol (Hosted)

Googol (Hosted)


11 x NVIDIA GeForce 1080TI 11GB
2 x 1600W EVGA/Corsair Platinum Power Supply
1 x 16GB 2400 Corsair DDR4 RAM
Intel i7 8700K 4.70GHz Turbo
ASUS B250 Mining Expert Motherboard


This rig will be hosted at our Los Angeles, CA mining farm. Hosting includes troubleshooting, power and any other maintenance needed to mine your desired tokens. Software patches, upgrades and updates will be automatically applied to your rig via our support team.

You will be able to request that your rig be shipped to your location at any time during the hosting period at a shipping cost calculated based on destination and transit speed.


Rigs will be assembled with all mining software installed and configured out-of-the-box. Any additional setup/help required will be provided via email by our support team. For details on warranty and buyback, please see our order terms.

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