general faq



how do your rigs give better ROI compared to other companies?

We specialize in mining tokens and coins that have great teams and backgrounds. We capitalize on the profitability by researching such tokens as early as possible and acquiring master nodes in preparation for mainnet mining. Having these nodes gives better rewards and lower difficulties, meaning more tokens/coins for each block mined. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept FIAT currency through our online store , and can set up wires where large amounts need to be transacted. Please contact us at if you need any help with a particular solution.

We accept cryptocurrency payments as long as they are made using Bitcoin or Ethereum, but charge a 5% conversion fee.

which os can be loaded on a rig?

Currently, our rigs come preconfigured and pre-installed with the version of operating system that is best suited for a particular altcoin. For example, Waltonchain requires Windows for its mining software. In some instances, dual boot systems can be installed. Contact us at for more information.

can i use my rig to mine anything i want?

Yes! Your Crypzilla machines are specially configured and equipped to handle certain tokens at maximum efficiency but we can tweak your machines to your needs. Even if you have your rigs shipped, we will still provide as much as support as possible to help you get your rig working to mine what you need.