Quite simply

the only 2080TI rigs and the fastest ROI.

We build and ship/host 2080TI mining rigs with buyback guarantees, upgrades and software that make more money because they mine the most profitable coins.


what we offer


Maximum Profitability

We spend most of our time and resources researching new projects. By purchasing nodes and preparing for new mainnets, we are always a step ahead of the curve to ensure that you always are mining coins with the best ROI.


Guaranteed Buybacks

Why risk the volatility of the market? We are the first mining company to offer guaranteed buyback of your rigs if you need to sell them for up to 12 months after your purchase date. Instant liquidity.

Shipping and Hosting

Not only do we  ship internationally, we can also host, maintain and manage your rigs at our mining farm in California. Purchase a rig and have it hosted so that you never have to worry about support, tripped breakers or any downtime.


Hardware Upgrades

New technology makes it hard to upgrade your systems consistently. Fortunately, we can both upgrade your machine and buyback the parts you don't need anymore to keep up with future demands.


the waltzilla 2.0


Our most popular machine, the Waltzilla is specially geared to mine Waltonchain coin. It features 6 NVIDIA GeForce 2080TI 11GB GDDR6 GPUs, an AMD Ryzen 2700X Threadripper and is loaded with proprietary software that mines MultiGPU to our Guardian Master Node pools.

Shipped | Hosted


the aionica 2.0


The Aionica is specially geared to mine the AION coin. It consists of 5 x NVIDIA GeForce 2080TI 11GB GDDR6 GPUs, an AMD Ryzen 2700X Threadripper and is loaded ready to mine to existing mining pools.

Shipped | Hosted


the googol 2.0


The Googol is the ultimate machine, designed to mine both Walton and Aion at the same time. With 11 (eleven!) NVIDIA GeForce 2080TI 11GB GDDR6 GPUs, an Intel i7 8700K 6-Core 4.70GHz Turbo and dual EVGA 1600W Platinum PSUs, make the most of this monster machine by mining the two most profitable coins simultaneously.

Shipped | Hosted



Based out of sunny Southern California, members of our team have attended top-10 schools, worked for Fortune 100 companies and have been immersed in technology for decades before forming Crypzilla in 2016. We started offering hosted mining and customized rig building in April 2018.

Our goal is to make Crypzilla your one stop for anything related to the blockchain/crypto world. From hardware to software, we aim to handle all aspects of the ecosystem.



Rigs Built

Both hosted and shipped, from 2-card to 12-card rigs, our team has assembled and supported all sorts of configurations



Countries ServiceD

Crypzilla clients come from more than 12 countries, including Australia, Lebanon, Canada, United Kingdom, and America.



Average ROI Increase

Per card based on profitabilities for 1080TI cards off data aggregation and estimation sites such as www.whattomine.com


April 2018

I don't always buy rigs, but when I buy rigs, they are always from Crypzilla.

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